What is the Sahaj Samadhi™ meditation technique?

Sahaj Samadhi™ is an ancient form of meditation practiced effortlessly in silence for 20 minutes. It is not a guided meditation and doesn’t use breathing. Sahaj Samadhi uses specific meditation mantras that have been preserved and passed down from masters to students in India for ages. A mantra is a charged, subtle sound that when properly received and practiced is known to quiet the mind effortlessly to deeper states of consciousness, transcending mental chatter through quieter and quieter levels of thought until you experience the most silent and peaceful level of your own awareness.

Sahaj Samadhi™ is Authentic

Sahaj Samadhi™ Meditation teachers have been trained by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a global spiritual leader, humanitarian, and ambassador of peace. Certified teachers of Sahaj Samadhi offer this practice to you in its purity, exactly the same way it has been taught for ages.

Are any beliefs required?

Beliefs are not a part of quieting and resting the mind. "Sahaj" means "natural"; "Samadhi" means "quietest state of mind". Sahaj Samadhi™ is not a religion or philosophy. No beliefs or change in lifestyle is needed for the practice to be effective at improving your health and mental well-being.

Can I learn from a book or friend?

Practices from books, or taking a mantra from a friend, or making-up your own meditation might bring some relaxation but quieting the mind to the depth of *Samadhi* takes more skill. *Samadhi* is a state deeper than the thinking level. In Sahaj Samadhi you experience moments of no thoughts. It is this unique, deep experience that is necessary to relieve you of the negative emotions and mental impressions that have accumlated. Only then can you establish a lasting state of inner peace.

How to Learn?

Learn *Sahaj Samadhi*™ meditation in 3 online sessions ideally in combination with SKY Breath Meditation, then you can practice daily at home. Lifetime support is available from certified teachers after your training.

What if I have not had success controlling my mind?

With Sahaj Samadhi meditation you NEVER need to control your mind or even watch it. There is no concentration or contemplation of any ideas, no monitoring of thoughts or trying to empty the mind. You do not constantly repeat anything or try to hold any focus in the mind. You learn how to begin the technique, then let go. The process is automatic and completely effortless.

How is Sahaj Samadhi™ different from SKY Breath™ Meditation?

Both Sahaj Samadhi™ and SKY Breath™ Meditations are very beneficial on their own, but together they are powerfully synergistic. SKY Breath Meditation™ is unique and particularly effective at quieting the modern busy mind automatically without thinking about it. SKY Breath brings you to deep meditation and Sahaj Samadhi keeps you there a little longer. Both are time-tested and practiced by millions of people, with results that are experienced from the very first session.

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Learn Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Online

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Premium Combo Workshop

Learn SKY Breath Meditation AND Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

Online courses use Zoom. You will receive instructions for setting yourself up at home to do the workshop and a link to access the workshop. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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